The Wild Woman’s Way

The Wild Woman’s Way: Unlock Your Full Potential for Pleasure, Power, and Fulfillment 

Author: Michaela Boehm 
 Publishing year:  2018. 

Reconnecting with ourselves, our own bodies and our own minds is one of the biggest challenges we have in this demanding era. Our society values high performance and achievements and leaves little room for self discovery and self care. The Wild Woman’s Way helps us on our physical fitness and mental wellness path. 

Her Story

The book starts with the author’s own self discovery story. She tells us how she herself saw her long-forgotten childhood dream fulfilled.  

Michaela Boehm had a very successful practice in a loud and busy city. Gradually, she lost touch with herself and her dreams, just like any of us. In the first part of the book we can read how the author manages to rediscover herself. She reconnects with her body, calms her mind, and goes on to have a more fulfilling life, away from the noisy city.

She moves to the countryside where she buys land and a house and can care for abandoned animals.

Our Story

Most women today can identify with having it all dream. We want to have a career, a family, an active social life. We are brought up thinking we want it all.

Wild Woman’s Way Metaphor

We can easily misunderstand the idea of wild woman. Michaela explains how we should interpret this idea. Wild woman doesn’t mean unwashed and with hair and clothes in disarray. It just means by-passing the cultural and societal views and connecting with ourselves

Girls head with sunshine in the background.
“… we don’t have to “become someone else” to be loved …”

To give an example: growing your own vegetable garden isn’t everybody’s dream. This was just the author’s dream. Connecting with yourself means achieving your own, personal dream. Even more, we can achieve re-wildening by going back to your own nature. Finding your authentic self:

“The Wild Woman is an archetype, and as such, can rise from unconscious and come into play when the time is right. She is a portal to natural empowerment, through which we understand that we don’t have to “become someone else” to be loved, that who we are is utterly perfect”…

The argument pervasive in this book is that we need to reconnect with our own body and our own mind.

Superwoman Syndrome

In our current society most of the women suffer from what Michaela calls superwoman syndrome. This is the belief that we can do everything that is demanded of us: raise children, have a high powered career, please a husband, have meaningful relationships with friends and family. We fail to see how these demands take a toll on us, on our health. 

In order to help us in our path to better health, Michaela makes arguments for the power of the tribe: how important it is to connect with other women that have already experienced what you are going through.

Wild Woman's Way expressed in meditation on the shore of a lake.
“Embodiment is the process of becoming alive to the signals of our bodies.”

Michaela Boehm provides examples and explanations on how we can reconnect with ourselves.The book ends with a few practices which we can implement in order to improve our health. They explain how to relax and re-sensitize our bodies and mind

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