Fire and Fury

Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House

Author: Michael Wolff.(wiki link)
Publishing year: 2018. 

This is an insiders story into Donald Trump’s administration and election. 

Unlikely Election

The story starts with an exposition of how unlikely it was considered for the election to end as they did. Wolff tries to highlight how nobody, not even his own team, thought Donald Trump could win the elections:

“These powerful figures tried to convey a sense of real-world politics, which they all claimed to comprehend at some significantly higher threshold than the soon-to-be president. They were all concerned that Trump did not understand what he was up against, that there was simply not enough method in his madness.”

White House during Donald Trump's presidency, from a distance, with street and trees.
“ […] there was simply not enough method in his madness.”

The book offers some interesting insider’s information about how the president operates out-of-stage. For example, he was moody and complained about the hotel on the inaugural day because he was having a fight with his wife.

Wolff attempts to explain Donald Trump’s world view. It aims to use accurate information and first hand accounts. At the same time, he tries to integrate this view with his background as a sales-person and elaborated stories about how he became a businessman. Further, he tries to highlight the president’s disregard for facts:

“This had led increasingly to the two-different realities theory of Trump politics. In one reality, which encompassed most of Trump’s supporters his nature was understood and appreciated […] In the other reality, in which resided most of his antagonists, his virtues were grievances if not mental and criminal flaws.”

Vintage image of american flag with parchment background.
“Trump was never going to get the facts right.”

Donald Trump’s Staff

The book presents some of the most prominent figures from Trump’s circle. From Bannon, his senior staffer to Ivanka and Jared, his family. To the author, Bannon is a questionable character. He has a colorful past and unconventional attitude. Appointing Jarred in administration is a controversial choice. His track record business wise is not that great.

His staff saw his style as unconventional, but not alarming. Gradually they grew more accustomed to its peculiarities.

The book briefly covers how the president appoints his staff. Sometimes he did it as favors:

“Trump owed Giuliani, not that he was so terribly focused on his debts, but this was one that was certainly unpaid.”

The Media

One of the most prevalent characteristics of this administration is the crusade against media. The book offers details into the twisted justification they are employing to explain their war against the media.

According to Wolff, Trump was never going to get the facts right. Furthermore, he was never going to acknowledge he got them wrong. As a result he was not going to get media approval. Therefore he needed to be aggressively against them:

“… on the most basic level, Trump just did not, as Spicare latter put it, give a fuck. You could tell him whatever you wanted, but he knew what he knew, and if what you said contradicted what he knew, he simply didn’t believe you.”

Final Words

The book is at times challenging to follow. The story is told in third person, making it a difficult flow. Everybody is described in a negative light. The language is harsh. The book contains a certain sort of dark humor that makes the reader smile. Furthermore, it tries to focus on the ridicule. 

Despite this, the overall tone is serious and we can not escape the dark cloud of the consequences that are foreseen. However we should take this read as Michael Wolff’s personal view and opinion.

This book is recommended for those interested in the current political situation of the United States and what lies behind the scenes. 

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