#Chill: Turn Off Your Job and Turn On Your Life

Author: Bryan E. Robinson (wiki link).
Publishing year: 2018.

#Chill: Turn Off Your Job and Turn On Your Life: aims to help workaholics find harmony in their life. The book is useful for people who find themselves anxious and stressed due to work related issues.

Your Life is Not You Work

This book advocates for a good balance between private life and professional ambitions. 

The author talks from experience, as he, himself struggled with workaholic behavior. He gives us first hand testimony of the consequences of that kind of life. His advice contains recipes and and motivational speeches:

“A chilled worker sits in the office dreaming of being on the ski slopes. A workaholic stands on the ski slopes dreaming about being back in the office.”

A side effect of your unbalance behavior is that even your work will suffer when you are single minded focused on it:

“The workaholic mind is a narrow mind without room to grow. It automatically constricts situations and keeps you self centered without you realizing it.”

#Chill is a Recipe for Balance

The book is organized in twelve chapters, each relating to one month of the year. This is a progress tracker to changing work oriented life. 

For example, in January we learn to have Fresh Starts. In February we move on to reading about Heart-speak and Compassion

Going further, through the year in June we reach Enlightenment and finally in November we have Heightened Conscious Connections. At the end of the year, in December we can relax as we have done Great Work

Guy with many graphs: chill your work.
“Self-doubt is a cruel ghost that can haunt you day and night.” 

The book contains common sense advice like: we need to get enough sleep. Further, we need to observe our own compulsive thoughts and deal with them mindfully before they take over our behavior. Finally, we need to focus on the now. Your best tool in fighting your work addiction is mindfulness. Taking time off to reflect and express gratitude. 

The Result 

Practicing the recipes offered in #Chill, we can integrate both our ambitions for a career and our need for a healthy family life:

“When you consider work addiction as a fragment of your makeup, you can weave together a beautiful pattern that incorporates all the rest of you. And the brilliant completeness has a clearer meaning when you view it in this new light.”

#Chill is easy to read and it’s constructed in short chapters and paragraphs, which you can schedule to read everyday. This book is for those who need to slow down and live in the present. 

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